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Rules of Vytautas Magnus University Library

1.The rules (hereafter – The Rules) of Vytautas Magnus University Library (hereafter – the Library) work out general arrangements for using Library services and sources of information.    
2.The Library is a structural branch of the University.
3.The Library functions under the Constitution of the Republic of Lithuania, Resolutions of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania, the Statute of the University, Resolutions of the Senate, Rector’s orders, Regulations of the Library and the present rules.
4.The Library stock is national property and it is under protection of the State.
5.Lithuanian citizens, citizens of other countries and juridical persons, members of the University academic community have the right to use the library but the members of the University academic community have the right of priority.
6.The Library guarantees that every user is provided with thorough information about documents irrespective of the authors’ ideological or political orientation and the document accessibility. 
7.Basic services of the Library are provided free of charge with the exception of paid services. The price list of paid services is confirmed by the Rector of the University.
8.The Users registration and identification.
8.1.Members of the academic community of the University are registered in the Library  if they are employed or study at the University.
8.2.Persons who are not members of the academic community of the University are registered in the Library if they present a valid Lithuanian student’s identity card, a passport or an identity card.
8.3.Juridical persons are registered only if they present an official document confirmed by the head officer of the institution.
8.4.During the registration (in the Library) each user must read the Rules and is bound to follow them in the future.
8.5.Members of the academic community of the University are identified and served only if they have a valid student’s identity card or employee’s certificate. Other persons are identified and served only if they have a valid Lithuanian student’s identity card, a passport, an identity card or a driving licence (issued after 2003-01-01) (hereafter – driver‘s identity card). The user is identified and served by scanning the barcode of the identity card.
8.6.The user must inform the librarian if personal information (surname, email address or place of residence) has been changed.
9.Requests (reservation), loans and loan periods, renewals, returns of the books and other documents.
9.1.Members of the academic community of the University can request books and other documents  in the Library general catalog (computerized), borrow them from the Library, renew a loan period. Users who are not  members of the University academic community have a right toread books and other documents only in reading rooms.
9.2.Borrowing, renewing loans and returning books and other documents:
9.2.1.Textbooks and other study material are lent for one semester. The number of these documents is unlimited.
9.2.2.Quantity and a loan period of scientific literature and fiction depends on the number of copies and their demand.
9.2.3.The only copy of the scientific literature, issued in the last five years, is not  lent (with the exception of the University professors, scientists and doctoral students).
9.2.4.Reference materials, art and cartographical, electronic and audio documents, dissertations and their summaries, master theses, books in-demand, manuscripts, rare and old documents, also documents received through Interlibrary Loan are not lent.
9.2.5.Only one copy of the book with the same title can be lent.
9.2.6.Copies of rare documents and manuscripts are not made. Rare and old documents, as well as   manuscripts in poor physical condition are lent only for scientific purposes with the permission of the Library Director.  
9.2.7.Requested books or other documents are received personally by a user at the Library circulation desk with the exception of ill and disabled members of the University academic community. In this case, requested documents could be taken by authorized persons who present a certificate, passport or an identity card.  
9.2.8.The loan term can be renewed if loaned documents are not requested by other users, or made shorter if the document is in-demand; the loan term for single copies is not renewed.
9.2.9.Users must return the borrowed documents on time or renew the loan term. In cases of lending term expiry or failure to return the document, the user has to pay a fine (with the exception of illness and other special cases that could be proved by documents). The amount of the fine is determined by the University Rector’s order.
9.2.10.The books and documents are not lent for Library debtors.
9.3.Only members of the University academic community have a right to use licensed and trial databases.
9.4.The last Friday of the month is a Clean-up day (Sanitary). Users are not served.
10.Interlibrary Loan (hereafter – ILL).
10.1.If the library does not have a requested book or another document, members of the University academic community can order it from other Lithuanian libraries and libraries abroad (except Kaunas city libraries).
10.2.Documents received through the ILL can only be used in the Library reading room. The return term is determined by the library that has sent the document; in case of damage or loss of the document received through ILL, the user pays the price determined by the library that has sent the document.
11.Usage of Library computers.
11.1.Computers are designated for search and recording the information of study and research, as well as for e-mail.
11.2.Only members of the University academic community have a right to use computers in Library reading rooms.
11.3.Library circulation desk computers are used only for search and ordering the documents from the Library general catalog.
11.4.When using Library computers, it is forbidden:
11.4.1.to play computer games, install and modify programmes, record and delete information from the computer hard disk, send files not related to studies and scientific material;
11.4.2.to spread information that discredits and harms other persons or organizations, watch and load pornographic sites, as well as sites propagating racial and national hatred;
11.4.3.to give personal user’s ID of the University electronic mail system to another person or use another user’s ID.
12.The user has the right to:
12.1.use information sources and other services of the Library and get comprehensive information about it;
12.2.order books and other documents through the ILL from  other Lithuanian libraries and libraries abroad;
12.3.renew the due date of borrowed documents, until it has not expired;
12.4.use Library computers (only members of the University academic community);
12.5.express the opinion about the work of the Library and its services, and give suggestions.
13.The user’s obligations:
13.1.comply with the Rules of the Library;
13.2.leave coats and handbags in the cloakroom; 
13.3.present a valid identity card to the librarian;
13.4. not to take the documents away from the Library premises without the librarian’s permission;
13.5. check if the borrowed document has any defects and having noticed them inform the librarian; otherwise, the user who was the last to use the document is held responsible for the damage;
13.6. check the information about the borrowed documents, the terms of return and fines  in  the Library general catalog;
13.7.return the borrowed books and other documents in time or renew the usage term. In case of delay, users have to pay the fine;  
13.8 react to the librarian’s verbal or written messages and warnings;
13.9.save and handle with care Library documents and other property; not to change the arrangement of the Library’s book – stock;
13.10.comply with the usage order of licensed and tested data bases;
13.11.be quiet, not to smoke, switch off the sound of the mobile phone, not to disturb other users and librarians in the premises of the Library, as well as follow other rules of behaviour in public places;  
13.12.be ready to show personal things, when the library stock security system alarms.
14.The user’s responsibilities:
14.1.upon losing or irreparably damaging the document the user is obliged to replace it by the same edition or by an equivalent item approved by the Library (a new document is chosen according to the following criteria: the price, the year of edition, the number of copies and the demand in the Library);
14.2.users who return a book or another document of the same title with a different inventory number than on the borrowed item are responsible for it as for a lost document. Documents and other publications with the stamps of other libraries are not accepted;
14.3.users are required to report about the loss of the user’s identity card; otherwise, users are responsible for publications and other documents borrowed and not returned by any other person who would use the lost card;
14.4.having broken the Rules, users can be warned or restricted in using the Library assets and services. Users have to write an explanation under the librarian’s requirement. The fact of the user’s misbehaviour is reported in writing by the Library director to the faculty/institute or subdivision dean/director, or the Rector. Disciplinary penalty is designated according to the general order of the Institution;
14.5.if the user who has broken the Rules is not a member of the University community, he/she may forever lose the right to use the Library services. The information about his/her misbehaviour may be sent to his/her educational institution or workplace;
14.6.students, having completed their studies or having quitted them for other reasons (academic leave), as well as employees who have broken up the contract or left for a long term internship or vacation, are required to return the borrowed documents to the Library or account for the lost ones;
14.7.having caused damage to the Library, the user is responsible for the  consequences according to the laws of the Lithuanian Republic.


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