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Vytautas Magnus University
Rector’s Order No. 508
July 4, 2019



  1. The rules of use of Vytautas Magnus University (herein – University) Library (herein – the Rules) establishes the general procedure for registration of persons, processing of personal data of registered users and provision of services at the University, rights, duties and responsibilities of the user, rights and duties of the Library (herein- Library).
  2. All natural and legal persons are entitled to use Library services according to the procedure established by the Law on Libraries of the Republic of Lithuania and these Rules.
  3. For the purposes of these Rules the following definitions shall apply:

3.1. Library service – any library service, organized and carried out to satisfy the information, scientific, educational, professional and cultural needs of users by using all available information resources, library equipment, premises and specialist competence.

3.2. Unregistered user – is a user who visits the library and uses the services of Library when it is not necessary to confirm (identify) his / her identity, for example, to use Library user service departments, to participate in public events, excursions, etc.

3.3. Registered user – a member of the University Community who is registered in the Library Information System, has Lithuanian or international student card (ID card or other personal identity document) (herein- User Card), which entitles to reserve and use library documents for home use, renew their loan term, use remote access to subscribed databases and use other Library services.

3.4. University community – that is University academic community, administration and non-academic staff, graduates, communities of institutions established by the University and other persons actively involved in the activities of the University. The University academic community consists of students, lecturers, researchers, professors emeriti, rectors emeriti, associate professors or researchers and other persons directly involved in studies and science.

  1. Other terms used in the Rules correspond to the concepts used in Law on Libraries of the Republic of Lithuania, Law on Legal Protection of Personal Data of the Republic of Lithuania, Law on Copyright and Related Rights of the Republic of Lithuania, Law on Science and Studies of the Republic of Lithuania and Law on Information Society Services of the Republic of Lithuania.


  1. Members of the University community have the right to use the Library by signing contracts with the University: students – studies contract, employees – employment contracts where they undertake to comply with the University internal rules (including these Rules).
  2. University community members can start using the Library, when their personal data are transferred from University student and staff databases to the Library information system.
  3. User personal data can be handled automatically or manually.
  4. Managing user personal data the Library follows April 27, 2016 Amending Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and Council on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing personal data and on free movement of such data, repealing Directive 95/46 / EC (General Data Protection Regulation) (herein – Regulation (EU) 2016/679) ), the requirements of Law on Legal Protection of Personal Data and other legislation acts.
  5. User personal data are processed for these purposes:

9.1. to organize customer service and information provision;

9.2. to keep user account;

9.3. to identify a person;

9.4. to inform users about Library services, information resources, terms of document use, organized events and changes in working time.

  1. Registered users’ data are automatically updated periodically, at least twice a year.
  2. Personal data processed automatically and manually are stored until the registered user is a member of the University community and uses the services of the library or has debts to the library.
  3. The User may apply to the Library directly or e-mail specified in the Rules (25.8) for the implementation of his / her data subject rights. Only written requests from identified users are considered.
  4. Once the Library accepts the request to delete the personal data, a user loses opportunity to get the services for which his / her identity must be verified.
  5. Library ensures the security of personal data processed automatically and manually by implementing infrastructural (proper arrangement and maintenance of hardware, strict compliance with fire safety regulations, etc.), administrative (training persons working with personal data, preparation of internal documents, etc.), telecommunication (maintenance of information systems, safe use of Internet, use of passwords, etc.) measures.


  1. Library provides services in accordance with the objectives and functions defined in the regulations and the needs of the University community.
  2. Information on free and paid services provided by the Library is available on Library website.
  3. Use of Library documents:

17.1. scanning a barcode of User card for document loan is equivalent to user’s signature;

17.2. documents are loaned only to registered users and only one copy of the same title, not exceeding the number of documents loaned;

17.3. a user can renew a loan term if loaned items are not requested by other users, or if a number of renewals is not exceeded;

17.4. rare and extremely valuable documents and other documents subject to restrictions set by the Library are not loaned;

17.5. not returning a document after the loan term a user is not allowed to borrow other items to home. The right to borrow is renewed upon the return of the documents loaned;

17.6. number, terms and other conditions of item loan are posted on the library website https://biblioteka.vdu.lt/.

  1. Interlibrary loan:

18.1. registered users can request documents from other Lithuanian and foreign libraries in accordance with the interlibrary loan service procedure set by the library;

18.2. return term is determined by the library that has lent a document;

18.3. interlibrary loan service fees include postage costs and (or) service administration fee set by the lending library.

  1. Access to Library subscribed databases is provided in accordance with database provider rights and conditions as defined in the License agreement.
  2. Remote Library services requiring user authentication are provided only to registered users.
  3. Disabled users must be provided with special services and (or) service conditions if usual Library services are unavailable to them.
  4. Individual / group work spaces are reserved for registered users; work duration, online booking is determined by the Library.
  5. Library computers can be used by the University community. Unregistered users can use computers for information search in Library sources.
  6. Legal persons are serviced under the free service agreements, except cases when the service provided is included in the list of paid services.


  1. User has the right to:

25.1. get information on Library stock, services provided and service conditions;

25.2. use all available information resources, services, means of information search, tools of bibliographic management, equipment and premises (spaces);

25.3. get documents from other Lithuanian and foreign libraries;

25.4. submit a request for information directly or remotely and to receive a response no later than in two workdays;

25.5. receive advice and / or participate in trainings on information search, selection, processing, use, etc.;

25.6. use library computerized work spaces, internet access, wi-fi and personal laptops;

25.7. reproduce library documents or their fragments for personal use for non-commercial purposes;

25.8. submit requests, offers and complaints regarding the Library services by e-mail info.biblioteka@vdu.lt. Requests and complaints are first examined by the Library administration, in case of failure – VMU Litigation commission.

25.9. implement your rights as the data subject:

25.9.1. know (be informed) whether his / her personal data are being processed in the library, receive a copy (right to know) and have access to the additional information provided in Article 15 (1) and (2) of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (right to access);

25.9.2. require rectification or, regarding the purposes of the data processing, supplement incomplete personal data (right to rectification);

           25.9.3. require the deletion of personal data if the data were managed by consent or there is another basis under the law for implementing this right (“right to be forgotten”). “Right to be forgotten” may be not be implemented under the law;

           25.9.4. in cases referred to in Article 18 (1) of Regulation (EU) 2016/679, require the processing of personal data to be restricted (right to restrict);

           25.9.5. require the direct transfer of personal data to another manager in a user-friendly form if the user has provided the personal data himself and if they are processed automatically on the legal basis of the contract (right of transfer).

  1. User obligations:

26.1. to comply with the Rules and other legal acts regulating the services provided by the Library, as well as with the requirements of the established behavior in public places;

26.2. to save and handle with care Library documents, equipment and other property;

26.3. to return the borrowed documents in time or renew the loan term;

26.4. to check if the borrowed document has any defects and having noticed them inform the librarian;

26.5. to follow the Copyright and Related Rights Act when using information resources;

26.6. to inform the library if the personal data (surname, etc.) change or User card is lost;

26.7. to use the University e-mail system and constantly review the library notices and alerts on the loaned documents, their loan terms, fines and react to them accordingly;

26.8. to comply with the rules of LITNET – the computer network of Lithuanian science and study institutions;

26.9. upon graduation, upon termination of the work or study contract with the University, to return all documents borrowed from the Library and pay fines.

  1. It is forbidden:

27.1. to use other user’s card or pass your card to other person;

27.2. to give login data provided by the Library to third parties, to use other persons’ user names and passwords;

27.3. to take documents away from the Library premises if they are not included in the list of the documents for loan or without librarian’s permission;

27.4. to install brought or downloaded software into Library computers without librarian’s permission;

27.5. when using Library computers, to read information that promotes pornography, violence, terrorism and other criminal activities, to distribute electronic garbage, malicious programs, to break into other computer systems;

27.6. to come to the Library drunk or dizzy from narcotic, psychotropic or other toxic materials, to carry in dangerous things into the premises, disturb other users in the Library, ignore the general requirements of personal hygiene and behavior in public places;

27.7. to engage in the activities that are contrary to the public purpose of the Library, such as organizing rallies, selling goods or services, etc.;

27.8. to post information (advertisements, posters, etc.) in the Library premises without prior coordination with the Library administration.

  1. User responsibility:

28.1. a user, without notifying the Library about the lost User card, is responsible for the actions performed by another person using his / her card;

28.2. a user, who has lost or irreparably damaged the documents of the library, replaces them with the same or equivalent documents recognized by the Library. Documents are recognized as equivalent evaluating the cost, year of issue, number of copies available and demand of lost documents;

28.3. if a user does not apply to the Library for the loss or damage of the document before the end of the loan term, he/she must compensate for the damage and pay fines. Without compensation for damage or non-payment of fines, they will be recovered in accordance with community legislation;

28.4. upon detection of intentional cases of misappropriation, damage or destruction of documents, equipment or other property of the library, a user will be liable in accordance with the procedure established by the Code of administrative offenses of the Republic of Lithuania.


  1. library has a right to:

29.1. manage user personal data necessary to achieve the purposes specified in paragraph 9 of these Rules;

29.2. set terms and conditions of item loan, renewing the loan term, reservation of work spaces and other special conditions of Library use;

29.3. ask users to show the items they take away if a document security alarm has occurred or there is a suspicion of theft of the Library property or personal property of Library user or staff;

29.4. ask users to leave Library premises if they have limited access to Library services, are drunk or dizzy from narcotic, psychotropic or other toxic materials, if they engage in commercial activities in the Library or otherwise break these Rules and other legal acts regulating the Library services;

29.5. by the decision of the Library or the University Rector to limit the right of a person to use the Library or any of Library services for a limited period, if a user has not complied with the legal acts regulating the Rules;

29.6. not service users no more than one workday a month due to cleaning, disinfection and other preventive maintenance measures of the Library stock;

29.7. not to be responsible for personal belongings left by users.

  1. Library obligations:

30.1. to ensure the implementation of user rights set in these Rules;

30.2. providing services to respect human rights, equal opportunities, justice, non-discrimination, professional ethics, Library regulations and Rules;

30.3. to approve and post in the Library website Rules and other standard documents necessary for the provision of specialized services;

30.4. define the procedure and fees of paid services;

30.5. to set library (user service) working hours, change them only in exceptional cases, put information about changes and their causes in the Library website not later than 3 working days;

30.6. when lending documents, specify the loan term and due date, by electronic and other means of communication remind a user of the expiration the loan term;

30.7. to evaluate the quality of Library user service and make surveys of community needs and opinion, use their results to improve the quality of services provided, create new products and services;

30.8. seek to ensure accessibility of Library services for disabled persons and other user groups who require special services and/or service conditions;

30.9. by a written notice of Library staff and/or technical means (filming, photography, sound recording equipment, etc.) to record the fact of infringement of the legal acts regulating Library services, write an act and inform a user by signing (if a user refuses to sign, the act shall be marked);

30.10. to assess the user’s infringement according to the criteria of degree, gravity, exposure duration and decide on the restriction of the right to use the Library or a specific service (services) provided by the Library and to inform a user by signing or registered letter;

30.11. in cases of unlawful misappropriation, destruction of Library documents or other property, violation of public order to contact the police.


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