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Studies final works (ETD)

Electronic Thesis & Dissertation (ETD*) Submission to University Institutional Repository (VMU CRIS):

5 working days before the date of the public defense  student must submit ETD work to VMU CRIS according to ETD submission instruction.

1. Main stages of submission of ETD work:

1.1. student‘s registration in VMU CRIS and log in;
1.2. submission of metadata** about the student, ETD supervisor, title, 3–5 key words, summaries in Lithuanian and English, etc.;
1.3. choice of access of ETD work: 1) freely accessible  on the internet, 2) accessible only on the University intranet, 3) not public accessible. Maximum possible embargo*** period for ETD work – 5 years (60 months). University encourages the publication of works freely accessible on the internet;
1.4. submission of ETD work file (main file must be submitted in PDF format. At the request of the author, Work as an appendix may be submitted in other formats);
1.5. confirmation of e-licence agreement;
1.6. student will receive confirmation information by e- mail about submission of ETD work. Upon receipt of confirmation from the library staff responsible person about the correctness of the data, the student is allowed to defend ETD work.

In case of uncertainty, contact the responsible library staff persons.


*ETD – master theses, doctoral dissertations and their summaries.

**Metadata – data about the ETD (author, title, key words, etc.).

*** Embargo period – period, when public access to the ETD is restricted.


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