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Vytautas Magnus University Library (5828 m2) mission − to provide the University studies, research with information resources and information services, to develop the information literacy of the members of University academic community, to implement and develop advanced library services and technologies.
Library has accumulated 1,3 mln. traditional documents and acquires about 20,000 new traditional items each year. About 250,000 of the library stock items are available in the open stock. The University community has access to 55 licensed scientific databases, containing more than 700,000 electronic documents. Library users are provided with 810 workspaces, 235 of which are computerized. The library has 20 individual and group workspaces (153 work places), rest zones. Users with special needs are provided with height adjustable desks and chairs, special keyboards, software, desktop video magnifiers for visually impaired, Braille printer. Self-service facilities of borrowing and return of books based on radio wave technologies (RFID) are installed for readers’ convenience. Using them, readers can borrow/return books, renew the loan term. Self-service facility of return working 24 hours a day is installed outside the central library building.

Library created/administered information systems and databases:

  •  Virtual Library (PRIMO) operates by one-stop shop principle and enables to perform search in VMU library catalogue, Research Publications and Master Theses and Dissertations databases,  subscribed and open access databases, etc.
  • Current Research information system (VMU CRIS) is the infrastructure of services and means designed for the accumulation and management of research publications and activities by the members of the University community. System components:
    • Research Publications Database contains scientific publications written by University employees;
    • Database of University Master Theses and Dissertations gives an overview of master theses in electronic version, written by University students;
    • University Repository of Electronic Publications provides an infrastructure for services and enables the accumulation, management, dissemination, and long-term preservation of e-documents;
    • University Researchers database contains information about the research interests of the researchers, their research activity, career, achievements, etc. Links to publications, coordinated projects, departments where researchers work are provided. The profiles of each researcher have a permanent web address.
    • University projects database provides information on projects coordinated and/or partnered by the University. Links with scientists and departments involved in projects are provided. Each project has a permanent web address.
    • Registry of University academic departments provides information on University departments of different levels, research clusters, working groups. Links with the researchers, publications and projects are provided. Each department has a permanent web address.
  • Library website provides complete information about the Library, its services, licensed or trial scientific databases, and news of upcoming library meetings, exhibitions and events. The portal is equipped with up-to-date communication services, Facebook (Vytauto Didžiojo universiteto biblioteka), which always welcomes your feedback regarding the services provided.


  • President Valdas Adamkus Library (S. Daukanto St. 25, I floor, Kaunas). Collection is constantly updated with new documents from the personal President‘s library. Aleksandras Štromas, Bronius Kviklys and Vytautas Kavolis collections are also available.
  •  Vaclovas Biržiška Library (K. Donelaičio St. 52–218, Kaunas).  More than 45,000 items are available on philosophy, history, art, theology, philology, literature, foreign languages study books, the latest dissertations, habilitation works and their summaries, daily papers. Home library  for Faculties of  Humanities, Arts, Catholic Theology, Institute of Foreign Languages.
  • Leonidas  Donskis Library (V. Putvinskio St. 23, I floor, Kaunas). More than 22,000 items are available for study programs and research in Economics and Management, Political Sciences and Diplomacy.
  • Vincas Čepinskis Library (Vileikos St. 8–602/605, Kaunas). More than 25,000 items are available on environment protection, biology, chemistry, physics, geology, astronomy, mathematics and statistics, informatics and other related items. Home library for faculties of Informatics and Natural Sciences.
  • Mykolas Romeris Library (Jonavos St. 66–106, Kaunas). More than 24,000 items are available on psychology, sociology, law, social work, social politics, educational science, anthropology and other related items. Home library for faculties of Law and Social Sciences.
  • Music Academy Library (V. Čepinskio St. 5, Kaunas). Books on music theory and history, performance art, music analysis, pedagogics and didactics in various languages, notes, periodicals.
  • Education Academy Library (T. Ševčenkos St. 31, LT-03111, Vilnius). More than 300,000 items for studies in Education academy. About 20,000 latest items are available in open stock.
  • Agriculture Academy Library (Studentų St. 11–235, Universiteto St. 10–200, Akademija, Kaunas district). More than 470, 000 items are available on agriculture, economics, energy, engineering, forestry, etc. About 86,000 latest items are available in open stock.
Library statistics
2019 year
Library area (m2)
Lending departments (sublibraries)
Trainings for users
Exhibitions and events
Stock (titles)
1.2 mln.
Documents in open access collections
293.5 thousand
Number of visits / times 1 stud.
295.2 thousand / 30
Loan / doc. 1 stud.
241. 6 thousand / 25
Work / computer-equipped places
Subscribed databases
Trial databases
E. documents in subscribed databases and in VMU CRIS
623.7 thousand
Information retrieval sessions / 1 stud.
~4.1 mln. / 415
Downloaded documents / doc. 1 stud.
>1.4 mln. / 145
Records in library catalogs
390.7 thousand
Records in VMU CRIS >75 thousand



K. Donelaičio St. 52, 2 floor, Kaunas
V. Putvinskio St. 23, I floor, Kaunas
S. Daukanto St. 25, I floor, Kaunas
Jonavos St. 66–106, Kaunas
V. Čepinskio St. 5–429, Kaunas
Studentų St. 11–235, Akademija, Kauno r.
Universiteto St. 10–200, Akademija, Kauno r.
T. Ševčenkos St. 31, Vilnius