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Responsible persons

For research publications registration, please contact:

Department                                Responsible person
Faculty of Arts

Faculty of Catholic Theology

Faculty of Economics and Management

Faculty of Humanities

Faculty of Law

Faculty of Political Science and Diplomacy

Faculty of Social Sciences

Institute of Foreign Languages

Daiva Jocienė

e-mail: daiva.jociene@vdu.lt
K. Donelaičio St. 52–109, Kaunas
Tel. +370 37 327864, internal: 5411

Music Academy

Liudmila Sargsyan

e-mail: liudmila.sargsyan@vdu.lt
V. Čepinskio St. 5–429, Kaunas
Tel. +370 37 295913, internal: 3407

Agriculture Academy

Botanical Garden

Education Academy

Faculty of Informatics

Faculty of Natural Sciences

Renata Aleškevičienė

e-mail: renata.aleskeviciene@vdu.lt

Rita Rimkienė

e-mail: rita.rimkiene@vdu.lt
Studentų St. 11–143, Akademija, Kauno r.
Tel. +370 37 788103, +370 37 788118, internal: 2103, 2118

General questions about VMU CRIS, contact Library scientific communcation department.

Accounting of scientific output – Karolina Čepurnienė, e-mail karolina.cepurniene@vdu.lt,

Researcher‘s profile – Aušra Raguckaitė, e-mail ausra.raguckaite@vdu.lt; Norita Zinkevičienė, e-mail norita.zinkeviciene@vdu.lt.

Project registration – Eglė Gerulaitienė, e-mail egle.gerulaitiene@vdu.lt, tel. (8 37) 323296 (internal: 4704).

VMU CRIS information system – Vilius Kučiukas, e-mail vilius.kuciukas@vdu.lt; Nerijus Bakas, e-mail nerijus.bakas@vdu.lt, tel. (8 37) 752354 (internal: 2354).


V. Putvinskio St. 23, I floor, Kaunas
T. Ševčenkos St. 31, Vilnius
Jonavos St. 66–106, Kaunas
V. Čepinskio St. 5–429, Kaunas
S. Daukanto St. 25, I floor, Kaunas
K. Donelaičio St. 52, 2 floor, Kaunas
Studentų St. 11–235, Akademija, Kauno r.