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Publishing services

Text style, language and terminology editing, translation, editing, printing processing, printing services are purchased at the University of procurement process. Publishing Services Division coordinates the purchase of the company winning the tender.


Language, style and terminology edit is one of the most important stages of the preparation of publications. Since every scientific publication of high-quality is a valuable source of scientific knowledge and ideas for Lithuanian and foreign scientific community and society, it is essential to provide them with publications prepared according to the Lithuanian and other languages requirements.

Publishing Group will help authors to get a sevice of text editing (when layout is made – a service of proofreading). If the authors bring Publishing Group the edited text, then only an expert evaluation of the text language will be made. Next stage will be layout making.

  • In cases which could not be foreknown Publishing Group will give a service of text style, language and terminology edit.


Creating a design and layout making is another important stage of the preparation of scientific publication. It requires a lot of diligence, care and creativity.

This stage can be facilitated and expedited greatly by the cooperation of the author (editor) and layout artist. In such a case author’s ideas about special appearance and convenient structure of the publication may be optimally implemented with the help of professional and experienced layout artists. Your work with a nice layout will be representative and attract readers.

Publishing Group will see the service received by the author under as favourable conditions as possible.

It is possible to get a service of making a promotional product layout. The author is just required to provide with all the necessary material and a short description of the requests, and we will strive to produce him/her only an excellent result.

  • In cases which could not be foreknown Publishing Group will give a service of making a layout.


Scientific publications of high-quality which are prepared for press may be printed quickly and (or) published in electronic space (with a limited or unlimited access, see FOR AUTHOR -> Documents E-publication licence agreement).

  • Publishing Group handles small printing orders, provides with casual services of publishing and printing, also copying services (see ABOUT -> Activity).
  • Publishing Group provides with small run printing services.


Authors are usually invited to deliver a translated texts, but if there is a need of a service of translation

  • from Lithuanian to English, German, French, Polish, Russian and Spanish,
  • from English, German, French, Polish and Russian to Lithuanian.

Publishing Group will coordinate the purchase of the service.


Faculty departments and offices in VMU, which have ordered the release of VMU publications, have the opportunity to keep larger amount of printed copies in the Publishing Group (address: S. Daukanto g. 27, entrance from the yard) and to take it piecemeal. On this question, please refer to the senior specialist Audra Bogužinskienė (see CONTACTS).


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