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Publishers open the information resources

During the COVID-19 outbreak the publishers (Duke University Press, Annual Reviews, Proquest, Oxford University Press, etc.) give the access (fully or partially) to their licensed resources (ebooks, magazines, videos, etc.). The list of publishers and resources is constantly updated.

E-books and journals:

Annual Reviews – open access journals (till 30 April 2020, the  access extended).

Cambridge Core books series “Cambridge Companions” (log in: VMU network or remote access), “Cambridge Elements” (log in: VMU network or remote access), “Cambridge Histories” (log in: VMU network or remote access), 700 Textbooks (log in: VMU network or remote access). Access is till 31 May 2020.

De Gruyter eBooks – De Gruyter and our University Press partners are providing complete access from first book through 2016 – 75,000 titles. The publishers, number of available titles and highlights from each Partner (list) (till 30 June, 2020, log in: VMU network or remote access).

Duke University Press – open access books (till 1 June 2020) and articles (till 1 October 2020), dedicated to the topic “Navigating the Threat of Pandemic Syllabus

JSTOR – available more than 35,000 books, access to unlicensed collections of journals and primary collections (log in: VMU network or remote access), 26 journal archives in Public Health free for everyone through December, 2020.

Library of Congress – a growing online collection of contemporary open access books.

Loeb Classical Library (Harvard University Press)Classical Greek and Latin literature (till 30 June 2020, log in: VMU network or remote access)

MIT Press Direct – more than 2,500 books (till 31 May 2020, log in: VMU network or remote access)

Ohio State University Press – open access monographs (list) and textbook of linguistics “Language Files“.

Project Muse – open access journals and books

Royal Society Publishing – have made all their journals openly available.  For Covid-19 related content,  see.

ScienceDirect textbooks (list). Login: VMU network or remote access.

SIAM (Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics) – freely available for one year SIAM Journal on Mathematics of Data Science and The SIAM Epidemiology Collection

Springer Nature – 500 key textbooks (lists of English, German textbooks). Seach. Access is till end of July 2020.

University of Michigan Press free books (till 30 June 2020)

Open educational resources:

Lumen – free courses material natural, humanities, social, technological sciences.

Oxford University Press – free courses material (videos, animations, simulations, tests, webinars)

Distance learning platforms:

JoVE Science Education – videos on biology, physics, engineering, chemistry, environmental sciences, psychology (till 15 June 2020, log in: VMU network or remote access).

Musical concerts:

The Metropolitan Opera

Wiener Staatsoper




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