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Lina Šarlauskienė’s personal painting exhibition “Emotions in colors”

We invite you to visit the exhibition of paintings by Lina Šarlauskienė „Emotions in colors“, which is exhibited in the library of the Academy of Agriculture of the Vytautas Magnus University (Studentų str. 11−235, Akademija, Kaunas district). Opening of the exhibition in 2024. April 24, 2 p.m.

Author about herself and creation

I have graduated from librarianship and defended my dissertation in Humanities at Vilnius University, I have been doing pedagogical and scientific work in higher education institutions for a long time, and I am engaged in professional activities in academic libraries. Work activities are related to rules and requirements, but I unconsciously look for creative and innovative solutions everywhere. Sometimes I am asked how such responsibilities and creativity can be combined. I think that creative thinking helps a lot in all activities. In addition, I have a perfect combination of various opposites: admiration for old libraries and interest in digital publishing or artificial intelligence, searching for antiques and installing the latest systems, the desire to communicate and the need to be quietly alone, to organize some processes or make color chaos on the canvas. Creativity has always been a necessity for me. There have been various creative activities, and recently floristics and painting are the most interesting. I started trying to paint over a decade ago. I choose colors according to my mood, I paint by intuition. I notice that in my paintings the colors are often “runaway”, there are no smooth edges and realistic images. It’s probably a way to escape from harsh reality. It is important for me that there is a depth of feeling in the canvases, so the paintings usually have several layers. Layers, transilluminations, spillovers are like a reflection of our diverse inner world and perception. A person is not a label with duties, just like images are just fragments of memories that have floated away. We have many feelings, and they can be colorful. I discovered acrylic painting as color therapy. It is possible to pour out the existing uneasy or happy feelings and even change them. Sometimes you want black, but you suddenly switch to lighter and lighter colors and catch yourself thinking that your feelings have already changed.


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