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Item borrowing, renewing, returning

The order of items loan, renewal and return is regulated by the Rules of Vytautas Magnus University Library.

Items are borrowing:

University community members can borrow study literature (textbooks) – for semester, science literature and fiction – for 1/2 weeks and 1 month, depending on the rules of library department, where they are stored. Limit of science literature and fiction – 50 items. Textbook number is not limited. Only one copy of the same title a user can borrow. A single copy of science literature, published in recent 3 years, manuscripts, rare and old documents, habilitation works and dissertations, items of high demand are read only in Library.

The user himself takes requested documents; the exception shall apply for the disabled University community members — documents to them can be picked by the authorised person.

! Use your student/ employee card to borrow books and other items. ID barcode scanning in user’s document for item loan is equivalent to user’s signature.

! Borrow the item yourself using any of the self-service machines located at V. Biržiška Library, L. Donskis Library, M. Romeris Library and Agriculture Academy Library.

To see what you have on loan, login to My library card in Virtual library. Video presentation

Renewing a loan term

Items loaned for one, two weeks or one month can be renewed if they are not requested by another user and they are not on delay.

To find out when you need to return your books login to My library card.

You will usually receive an email to let you know when a book needs to be returned.

Loan term is renewed in the Virtual Library  (via My library card), at the Lending departments, by writing e-mail message info.biblioteka@vdu.lt or calling the department where the document was loaned.

Returning items

You can return library items to any of the library locations. Each library location has return self-service, with the V. Biržiška Library, L. Donskis Library, M. Romeris Library, V. Čepinskis Library, Agriculture Academy Library.

To find out when you need to return your books login to My library card. You will usually receive an email to let you know when a book needs to be returned.

Items must be returned in time. No other items shall be lent to the user after the expiry of the term and without renewal or return of the document. The right to borrow documents shall be renewed upon the return of all documents that have expired.

If you are experiencing problems with returning your items on time, please contact info.biblioteka@vdu.lt.

Library notifications

The library will send you a notification via University email if there are any changes. These notices include:

  • item request is completed,
  • item request is removed (if you haven’t picked up items in 3 days),
  • reminder 3 days before due date,
  • reminders to return items.

Need help? Have questions?

Write to us info.biblioteka@vdu.lt, call or come to any library department.


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