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Prof. Leonas Fliorentas Gudaitis

Prof. Leonas Prof. Leonas Fliorentas Gudaitis (born in 1935, June 20 in Kaunas) – researcher of Lithuanian literature, a professor at the Department of Lithuanian Literature of  VMU, laureate of Lithuanian Science Prize (in 2005). In 1958 graduated from Vilnius University where he studied Lithuanian language and literature.  After studies he worked in daily paper „Kauno tiesa“, later more than 20 years  as the editor of magazine „Nemunas“.

Since 1994 the professor taught literature in Vytautas Magnus University, and in 1995-2003 he was the head of the department of Lithuanian literature. In 2002 he was given the title of a professor.  In 1994-2006 L. Gudaitis was a scientific editor of VMU journal „ Days and Deeds“. The professor published a lot of article collections based on new factology, prepared lots of publications important for the history of literature and journalism.

In 1997 L. Gudaitis was awarded the Officer‘s Cross of the Order of Lithuanian Grand Duke Gediminas.

The professor worked in Vytautas Magnus  University till the end of 2013. After the terms of office in 2014 he was given the title of emeritus. L Gudaitis is a member of Lithuanian Writers‘ Union since 1988.


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