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Vytautas Magnus University Repository (VMU ePub) is the open access repository

Commercial publishing model which has existed for a long time does not satisfy the needs of scientific community and the institutions financing it any more. Publishing of research results financed by state and funds in commercial journals while transferring author rights to publishing houses intercepts the access to the results of scientific research worldwide and at the same time impedes the faster development and advance of science.

Open Access Initiative guarantees free access to information and free use of it, eliminates scientific communication barriers and fosters more effective development of science and studies.

Open access to the results of scientific research is ensured via open access journals or institutional repositories. The expenses of open access publishing are paid by institution, funds or the author himself, but the end user receives publications and can use them with no limitations and free of charge.

There are a number of documents prepared on international and national levels: regulations, recommendations and other documents, encouraging and supporting the Open Access Initiative (see Links).

Big scientific publication changes, especially in relation to open access are anticipated after passing The Law on Higher Education and Research of Lithuanian Republic. In the article 45 “Communication of research activities to the public“ of this law it is stated: “in order to ensure the quality of research conducted with funds of the state budget, the transparency of the use of funds of the state budget, to enhance scientific progress, the results of all research works carried out in state higher education and research institutions must be announced publicly (in the Internet or any other way), to the extent this is in compliance with the legal acts regulating the protection of intellectual property, commercial or state and official secrets” (2009).

VMU was the first of academic institutions to create background for creation of open access institutional repository (VMU ePub) by passing the documents which created possibilities for big changes in the field of scientific e-publishing of the University. Those were: “The description of the order of submission of VMU study and science electronic documents to the Information System of Lithuanian Science and Study Electronic Documents (eLABa)” (2009), and “Information System of Vytautas Magnus University Master Final Works, Doctoral Dissertations and their Summaries Electronic Documents (ETD) Regulations” (2007). In these documents the order of University study and research e. documents submission to VMU ePub using the infrastructure of the Information System of Lithuanian Science and Study Electronic Documents (eLABa) is described.

Vytautas Magnus University Repository (VMU ePub) is the open access repository. When scientists and editorial boards want to submit their publications to the repository, they sign license agreement. The publications which are accumulated in the repository most often exist in parallel with articles, conference papers, book parts and other documents printed in a traditional way. VMU ePub does not review publications, but ensures access to them and visibility in the world. Various types of documents can be accumulated in the repository, for example: reviewed articles, conference papers, books, preprints or postprints, reports, doctoral dissertations or master works and so on.

VMU ePub is registered in the Registry of Open Access Repositories which at the moment counts 2966 repositories.