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Settlement with the library

  • Students, having completed their studies must return all borrowed items to the library and pay fines if there are any.
  • Upon losing or damaging the item, the user is obliged to replace it by the same edition or an equivalent item approved by the library. 
  • Information about the borrowed items and fines can be found in library catalogue and VMU virtual library.
  • The fines are paid to the University accounts: 
SEB Nr. LT047044060002848625,
DNB Nr. LT894010042502785505,
SWEDBANK Nr. LT797300010131135650  
Purpose of the payment - Biblioteka. Delspinigiai
  • The payment transfer copy should be delivered to the library or sent via e-mail:
  • Loaned items are returned to any library department, replacment for lost items is done in V. Biržiška, L. Donskis, M. Romeris,  V. Čepinskis and Music Academy Libraries.
  • Students, having no debts, apply only to the Office of Student Affairs.