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  • Enago Learn e-learning platform provide access to 4 coursesStructure of an Original Article: Title to Conclusion; Choosing the Best Journal; Understanding the Scholarly Publishing Process; References and Citations till April 11, 2018. For passwords apply by e-mail  (please send e-mail from the University mail Outlook(2018-03-21) 
  • Reference management and knowledge organization program Citavi is on trial till June 30, 2018. Registration from VMU network is necessary. Registration (2018-01-02)


  • You are welcome to use electronic books from De Gruyter. Books are bought for permanent use. MORE (2017-12-13)
  • The trial of the directory of ongoing research projects in European countries ORP Index is set up till October 31, 2017. From VMU network no passwords are required; off-campus please log in
  • The trial of EUobserver is set up till June 19, 2017. EUobserver is an indispensable news source for anyone who wants to know about Europe and the EU. From VMU network no passwords are required; off-campus please log in (2017-05-22)
  • For RefWorks users attention! It is necessary to create new accounts and to transfer the records till July 1, 2017. MORE (2017-05-02)
  • The trial of World Scientific E-Books is set up till April 30, 2017. The E-Books are covering 11 subject areas in physics, mathematics, business and economics, computer science, environmental science, popular science, life sciences, medicine, chemistry, nanotechnology, Asian studies and social sciences. From VMU network no passwords are required; off-campus please log in
  • One of the most cited scientific journal Nature covering all fields of science and technology is subscribed for University community. MORE (2017-03-15) 
  • We invite VMU community to use the database Project Euclid. Project Euclid provides access to high-quality mathematics and statistics scholarship on a platform designed specifically for mathematicians and statisticians. Seventy percent of the research literature is open access. (2017-03-10)
  • Trial of  is set up till Aprill 30, 2017. is the largest search engine of legislation from around the world offering more than 1.5 million laws and regulations from 78 countriesLog in For passwords apply to librarians in the reading rooms or by e-mail  (please send e-mail from the University mail FirstClass). (2017-03-02)
  • eBooks of Kaunas University of Technology Press are available for University community. MORE (2017-02-17)
  • New licensed database ACM Digital Library is available for VMU users. MORE  (2017-02-17)
  • We invite VMU community to use about 3 000 SpringerOpen and OAPEN (Open Access Publishing in European Networks) freely accessible academic electronic books in the area of humanities and social sciences in VMU library catalogue and virtual library. (2017-02-09)
  • New colections of electronic books are available in licensed database Academic Complete (former Ebrary). MORE (2017-01-18)
  • New licensed database Foreign & International Law Resource Database (HeinOnline) is available for VMU users. MORE (2017-01-02)  






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