Lietuviška versija

Outline of The Library History

1923 (January 1) - the foundation of the library at the University of Lithuania;
1930 - the renaming of the University of Lithuania to Vytautas Magnus University (the library becomes – the Library of Vytautas Magnus University);
1924-1944 - the publication of Bibliografijos žinios (Bibliography News), the journal of national current bibliography;
1926 - the publication of facsimile edition of Postilla Catholicka by M. Daukša (originally published in 1599);
1929 - the publication of the manuscript Darbai senovės lietuvių ir žemaičių (Labors of Ancient Lithuanians and Samogitians) by S. Daukantas (originally published  in 1822);
1934 - the publication of the first volume of Istorijos archyvas (The History Archives) by historian Konstantinas Jablonskis;
1937 - the renewal of Mūsų senovė (Our Ancient Times), a series about Lithuanian history;
1939 - the library has 21 employees and 4 trainees;
1950 -  there are more than 400 000 items in the library stock;
1950 - the reorganization of the university into Polytechnic and Medical Institutes. The library premises and the majority of books are given into the possession of Kaunas Polytechnic Institute,  Medical Institute, Vilnius University, the Institute of Lithuanian Language and Literature, Academy of Science, Kaunas Public Library and others;
1990 (September 1) - the reestablishment of Vytautas Magnus University Library.