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How to use information in compliance with copyright
Data of the databases can be copied (downloaded into computer, printed, etc.) only in small amounts (1 article from 1 journal or ~15% of e-book at one session). It is strictly prohibited to copy information in full. Transfer of the data to the third parties, provision to internet or use for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited. In Lithuania copyright is protected by Republic of Lithuania Law on Copyright and Related Rights

Article 201. Reprographic Reproduction of Works for Private Use
  1. It shall be permitted, without the authorisation of the author of a work or any other owner of copyright in this work, to reproduce by means of reprography, for private use but not for purposes of commercial advantage, a lawfully published article or any other short work, or a short extract of a writing with or without illustrations (effected by the use of any kind of photocopying technique or by some other process having similar effects, where a work is reproduced on paper or any similar medium). 
  2. The provisions of paragraph 1 of this Article shall not apply to the reproduction by means of reprography of the whole text of a book or a major part thereof, or sheet music.