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Submission procedure of e-documents of University master theses, doctoral dissertations and their summaries

1.      6 days before the date of the public defence master degree students must send to library responsible person the following documents: (appendix 1):
1.1.   Final master thesis as pdf file;
1.2.   Indicate access of final thesis in the internet*:
1.2.1.  Free access in the internet,
1.2.2.  Access in VMU intranet (maximum period possible - 5 years),
1.2.3.  Thesis is temporarily unavailable (maximum period possible - 5 years);
1.3.   Submit summaries and key words in Lithuanian and English (3–5 in each language).
2.      A librarian, after checking if the information submitted is correct, sends the licence agreement to a student.
3.      A student, having read the licence agreement, prints 2 copies, signs them and submits to the Dean‘s office before defence.
4.      After defending master thesis, the licence agreement is signed by the dean of the faculty. One copy remains for a student, the other is presented to the library.
*Access to final thesis in the internet is indicated by a student in accordance with recommendations of advisor and department commission.
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