Lietuviška versija

Compensatory equipment for visitors with special needs

Compensatory equipment has been installed in the library for visitors with mobility and visual impairments*:
  • Height-adjustable tables, ergonomic chairs.
  • Special keyboards for visually impaired, alternative computer mice.
  • Video magnifiers - in Vaclovas Biržiška Library, Leonidas Donskis Library, Mykolas Romeris Library, Vincas Čepinskis Library.
Video magnifiers TOPAZ XL HD allow to magnify text, control its brightness, contrast, letter and background colour modes. These devices can be used for reading very small text.
  • Braille embosser with acoustic cabinet - in Vaclovas Biržiška Library.
Using Braille translation software regular text documents are printed in convex Braille writing.
  • Braille writers - in Vaclovas Biržiška Library and Mykolas Romeris Library.
  • JAWS 14 for Windows - in all departments
Software, analysing information on the screen and transmitting it to speech synthesizer, which converts text into sound.
  • WinTalker Voice 1.6 - in all departments
Software, transforming information on computer screen to user in voice in Lithuanian.
  • EasyConverter - in Vaclovas Biržiška Library.
Software, converting regular text documents to alternative formats (Mp3, audio, Braille, digital book format DAISY).
  • SuperNova Magnifier - in Vaclovas Biržiška Library and Mykolas Romeris Library.
Software, that allows to magnify all the information or its parts on the screen, as well as icons, pictures, etc.
  • GOODFEEL Braille Music Translator - in Music Academy Library.
The software package consists of 3 programs: translation of music scores in electronic medium into Braille and printing, program SharpEye Reader for scanning and recognising music scores and music editor Lime Aloud 9.
* Project “Assurance of study accessibility for students with special needs”, State Studies Foundation