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Bibliographic references and Reference lists

Preparation of bibliographical references, their relationship with the text and reference list is an integral part of the research work. Bibliographic reference - bibliographic data of document cited or otherwise referred to in research work, according to which the document can be identified and found.
Bibliographic references in research work are arranged according to certain rules, standards. At present there are many different schools of bibliographical references (also called Citation styles). Different citation styles are used in different science fields, e.g. American Psychological Association (APA) style is common in social sciences, Modern Language Association (MLA) style is widely used in Humanities, American Medical Association (AMA) style in medical and biology sciences.
How to choose the standard of bibliographic references?
1. Students writing qualifying papers (bachelor, master thesis) should follow supervisor, department or faculty instructions.
2. Researchers must find out which bibliographic reference system is used by certain periodical or publisher.
3. In the absence of instructions on the rules of bibliographic references, International Standard LST ISO 690:2010 is recommended.
Library help in preparing bibliographic references:
I. Online bibliographic management program RefWorks. Using RefWorks helps you to save records of information sources; sort them to catalogues according topics, edit, make record search; prepare reference lists according to different citation styles; use text creation tool Write-N-Cite in MS Word program and insert source references into the text and make reference list.
II. Main citation styles:
AMA (American Medical Association)
Recommendations of AMA (American Medical Association) citation style were prepared by the editors of “Journal of the American Medical Association“ (JAMA) in 1962. This style is most commonly used in biomedical sciences. Citation rules of AMA style are presented in “AMA manual of style: a guide for authors and editors“, which is updated every few years. The latest version of AMA citation style is called “AMA 10th edition“, based on “AMA manual of style: a guide for authors and editors“ 10th edition (2007). More information about AMA citation style 
APA (American Psychological Association)
APA citation style was created in 1929. This style is most commonly used in psychology, anthropology, education science, management and other social sciences. Citation rules of AMA style are presented in “Publication manual of the American Psychological Association“. The latest version of APA citation style is called “APA 6th edition“, based on “Publication manual of the American Psychological Association“ 6th edition (2009). More information about APA citation style 
IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)
Recommendations of IEEE citation style were prepared by the editor boards of the journals published by Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. This citation style is most often applied in publications on electrical and electronics engineering, informatics science. More information about IEEE citation style  
Harvard System of Referencing
Harvard System of Referencing was created in 1881, actively introduced at the beginning of the 20th century and is most common in biomedical research works. Harvard citation style belongs to “author-date“ system. There are several versions of Harvard citation style (Harvard, Harvard-British Standard, Harvard-British Standard 2010, Harvard Business Review, Harvard Theological Review (Author-Date), Harvard Theological Review (Notes-Bibliography)). Most often citation style versions are chosen according science fields and regions (e.g. Harvard-British Standard is used in works by scientists from Great Britain).
LST ISO 690:2010
LST ISO 690:2010- International Standard “ISO 690:2010 Information and documentation – Guidelines for bibliographic references and citations to information resources“, prepared by technical committee of International Organization for Standardization. Lithuanian Standards Board by means of reproduction took it over as identical standard LST ISO 690:2010 for Lithuania. There are 2 methods, in preparing citations and reference lists according to LST ISO 690:2010 standard:
1) First element date method;
2) Numeric method.
MLA (Modern Language Association)
MLA citation style was prepared by Modern Language Association in 1951.This style is most commonly used in humanities, especially linguistics and literature. Citation rules of MLA style are presented in “MLA handbook for writers of research papers“ and “MLA style manual and guide to scholarly publishing“, which are updated every few years. The latest version of MLA citation style is called “MLA 7th edition“, based on “MLA handbook for writers of research papers“ 7th edition (2009). More information about MLA citation style