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About author rights and Vytautas Magnus University Repository (VMU ePub)

Author rights are moral and economic rights of author to his/her intellectual (art, technical and other) creation.

Economic rights gives the right to the author to control the use of his/her creation (publishing, dissemination, demonstration in public, announcement and other) and the right to receive income for using his/her creation.

Moral rights are rights of the authorship, the right to the author’s name, the right to be indicated on the cover of the creation and other. The laws on author rights allow authors to give up some rights and retain other rights.

If the author of scientific publication granted or transferred his/her non-exclusive economic rights to publisher, he/she must find an agreement with publisher regarding open access to the publication (regarding submission of publication into institutional repository or self archiving publishers often include additional term, so-called embargo period, the essence of which is that open access to scientific publication is granted only after certain period after the publication was announced in scientific journal). When publishing creation in scientific journal, author has to evaluate the legal aspects of such publication: if the licence agreement concluded with the publisher allows self archiving of published scientific work. In Sherpa internet pages information about self archiving publishers’ policy is presented. Organization of Creative Commons proposed an addendum to author agreement with publisher of scientific work in which author rights assignment, non-exclusive right to publish preprints and postprints of scientific work in the internet are stipulated. Thus authors should know and be interested to negotiate with publishers regarding retaining more non-exclusive rights and repeated publication of their works in VMU ePub.